February 24, 2009

An old Eye


This is a Canon AE-1 POWER. It's quite old actually. Im not even sure if it still works but i hope it does. Gonna try to send to the shop and see if they can make the magic happens.

Sporting Joy

It was so awesome playing futsal again with the KRR staff on Friday night. And yet we played again in a match againts Time Square KRR Staff and we beat them like too easy.

Anybody up for a futsal???

On 20-22 Feb, M-yo had a SPEED Challenge at OU. The special guest are Mark Mcbride, Takeshi Kamisato, and Hank Freeman and all 3 of them are from Duncan Crew USA and they are touring around the world in conjuction with Duncan 80th Anniversarry. They were so awesome and cool and it was so sad to say goodbye to them on the last day. I'll miss you guys and i'll hope we can meet again. Also not to forget Fajar from Singapore, althought we didn't hang out much but it was awesome doing performance with you. baju TOS aku mana weyh!!!

It seems that JERRARD LEONG did'nt come. How sad he turned me down again.


February 12, 2009


Well im totally right about the topic. U will feel the pain when someone is mad at you, and that happens to me thrice today.

First, I went to KRR class wearing jeans. The teacher was mad at me wearing jeans since i shud be wearing black pants. Luckly I wasn't kicked out of the program but during the whole class, the teacher seems not satisfied with me. That's scary.

Second, my manager found out about it and scold me too. But it was not that bad. I wonder who was the big mouth who told her... Turns out i got my payment cek today and was planning to get it. But since she found out about the problem, im already scared to face her up. Not just them, I bet she told the whole staff about it. Now it's gonna be a big problem when I show up my face tmr. May god be with me.

Third, I've made someone really mad and the person is not a person who you shouldn't mess with.seriously. U'll be dead when u made him mad. Now im totally scared to face him up coz i'll be crushed into pieces. Looks like i gotta skip the meeting this saturday to cool him off but he won't let it off easily. To the person who I stole from, IM SORRY. I thought u already made the deal with that kid so the post was like tak usik langsung.

Let all this negative energy be pass by and forget about what happend and let's move forward.

Feeling uninterested the interested

There is a road block on the road and i can't remove it even i tried so many times. It is hard to be stuck right in the middle of the road. The road is only one way. Looks like I have to go back where i came from which was 5 years ago. If im stuck then i have no choice but to quit for real.

February 5, 2009

I Am Pist!!!!

I am so pissed like hell!!!!

First I am pissed at THEM!!! U know who you are!!! U always rejects everything i ask. I dun care a shit of what you're doing and I'm not gonna ask u guys again. I dun care if you are reading this but at least u know that I'm so pissed at you guys.
A couple of minutes should be just fine but you all just had to do it.
Do you know that I am so lonely right now that I got no one to talk to everyday.
Do you know how sad i am right now writing this down.

Second I am pissed some of the workers at my restaurant. Why are they bullying me for no reason!!!! Is it just to get the glamour or something. At least you don't have to give me a name!!!!! F**CKING IDIOT PEOPLE WHO NVR GETS HOW I FEEL WHEN THEY CALL ME THAT!!!! It hurts my heart you know that!!! And it's embarrassing to the guys around there!!!!

Third I am pissed that I nvr informed of anything ever since my dissapearance in the yoyoing scene. I've been training every single day making new tricks and improving them so that I can make my name proud during my performance. Last performance I had was only 2 shows and thats it after a year!!! I know that you guys think he's an idiot but he's true friend and who cares of what he's doing. And also please DO NOT CALL ME "APA KO NAK!!!" u guys think im not mad izzit well you are wrong. I only kept it inside me so that it won't ruined our friendship.

Do you think I'm taking it all of what u guys said to me is a JOKE??!! U guys a hell wrong!!!! I AM ALWAYS SERIOUS AND I'M NOT TAKING ANYTHING IN OF EVERY CONVERSATION

The next time I won't share or ask u guys again unless u really feel bad about yourself.


January 29, 2009

Things to buy and the money problem

There's a lot of things that I wanted to buy for myself but my problem is that Im gonna spend too much of my money. Yet my salary is not in my bank because got some account problem.

  1. Sony Alpha 200 - rm 1200
  2. PSP - rm800
  3. Nike Dunk shoes / Converse shoes -rm120
  4. New Jeans -rm 60
  5. Yoyojam Aquarius + Strings - rm160
Well that's my list to buy. Even thought its short but the cost is very high but the value is simply how much my guessed.

There's more also, my friend asked me wether to DRIVE A PLANE!!! at Subang just so that I could test my fear but there's problem coz to drive that plane is gonna cost me about rm400!!!! Sometimes there's good and bad kesan if i take that offer from him.

Good: I get to learn how to fly on an airplane because training is provided by instructors.

Bad: I will lose rm400!!!
Maybe the flight training might take about 1-2hours only. I mean come on I dun think im gonna spend rm 400 for just 2 hours!! That would be wasted from my 1 month work.

I still havent decide sama ada to take it or not coz i maybe going for pilot training and there's still some other time to experience it right.

So my problem is my money and i want more money $_$. That's right I want the green stuff coz its making me crazy!!!